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A network operations center (NOC), also known as a “network management centre”, is one or more locations from which network monitoring and control, or network management, is exercised over a computer, telecommunication or satellite network.

Key Service Offerings

Usually NOC services are categorized into four broad areas:

Service Fulfillment

Service fulfilment is a vital and in-focus function for any service provider. It directly interacts with the customer and ensures business revenue. The efficient processes are simplified and automated to achieve enhanced customer satisfaction and lower churn.
Abrainman Telecommunication fulfilment function is streamlined to ensure consistent service delivery that is effective, agile and delivered in adherence to the SLAs. Abrainman Telecommunication fulfilment solutions include:

Service Request

Abrainman Telecommunication Service Requests function addresses the Move, Add, Change and Delete (MACD) requirements of the customers. The Service Request team analyses the situation and business objectives. Requests are logged into the system and categorized; finally actionable tasks are designed to service the Request. This function also keeps track of the service requests till closure while providing continuous communication to the stakeholders.

Disconnects Function

Abrainman Telecommunication Disconnects Function addresses the typical challenges of blocked inventory “deadwood” and mismatched inventory due to expiry of lease, closure of customer’s account and change request by customers. This function addresses the deactivation, decommissioning and termination of the circuit in order to free and reclaim the network resources.
The advantages generated in case of off-net disconnects include prevention of any additional expenditure incurred due to bandwidth leased from other service providers. In case of on-net disconnects, the benefits include saving of opportunity cost by re-utilization of network resources.

Provisioning Function

The Provisioning Function operates on design documents and performs validation, logical modelling in inventory, resource reservation and configuration. This function consists of a set of processes and activities that accomplish fulfilment of network and customer orders by applying ‘First-Time-Right’ approach across all technological domains.

Feasibility Function

Feasibility function includes desktop and on-field feasibility to check economical and technical viability for roll-out of new networks or response to customer queries regarding network availability at specific locations. Desktop feasibility is done by referring to inventory, GIS systems as-built drawings and other soft tools.
Field feasibility is performed by the field technicians, vendors, contractors to physically gauge the amount of effort and network components required to connect a specific location.

Order Management

Abrainman Telecommunication Order Management service consists of customer order remediation which includes cleansing, correcting and updating information in the service request prior to order creation. This is performed to ensure that the created order is error-free and captures the mandatory information. Subsequent to order remediation, the order is entered in to order management system for further processing.

Pre-sales Network Feasibility

To ensure service availability at specific location, Abrainman Telecommunication utilizes this service at the pre-sales stage. The pre-sales network feasibility enables the solution team / architect to develop accurate solution for required service. During pre-sales feasibility the service availability, coverage / bandwidth requirement for requested services, customer connectivity options are checked and a comprehensive template is used to capture feasibility report. This report is then used by solution. Pre-sales network feasibility is performed through desktop and on-field feasibility.

Inventory Management Service
To ensure data integrity,consistency and accuracy of the data stored in a database with respect to actual physical inventory over its entire life cycle Abrainman Telecommunication follows following best practices: 

  • Identify the network elements across the network
  • Identify the inventory systems that are used to model the NEs
  • Utilize tools to compare the network elements with inventory systems
  • Classify the discrepancies to be resolved
  • Segregate discrepancies in site / location wise
  • Prioritize discrepancies with respect to sites / locations
  • Resolve them as per the priority – sync inventory data with actual on field estate
  • Perform Root Cause Analysis & Record the findings

Planning, Designing, Implementation and Testing of Customer Last Mile Access Network
Abrainman Telecommunication service offerings in Access Management domain include: 

  • Access Network Rationalization / Optimization
  • Access Last Mile Management
  • Access Network Planning and Design
  • Access Link Monitoring and Fault Management
  • Access Network Provisioning

On-Field Feasibility Service

Abrainman Telecommunication on-field feasibility service combined with desktop feasibility, provides economical and technical validation for roll-out of new networks or responds to customer queries regarding network availability at specific locations.
On-field feasibility is carried out to physically gauge the amount of effort and network components required to connect a specific location. Abrainman Telecommunication on-field feasibility service is executed by by field technicians, vendors, contractors, customer’s field team and customer partners.

CPE Installation, Test, Configuration Service
Abrainman Telecommunication provides this service to end customers by utilizing field team, 3rd party contractors, and customer field partners. Abrainman Telecommunication develops a process for 100% tested CPE that ensures high level of customer satisfaction through on time and accurate service activation. Abrainman Telecommunication manages the logistic of the CPE at sites through a dedicated or integrated service desk.
The service includes: 

  • Appointment of management personnel for site visits
  • Coordination for site access, permissions
  • Onsite installation, testing and commissioning of CPE, switches, cables, interfaces, access equipment at customer site
  • Installation and configuration subscribed services in customer premises and service demonstration
  • Performing testing activities at specified locations within du telecom rooms and customer premises before handover
  • Performing UAT test and obtaining work completion sign-off from customer
  • Maintaining the record of consumption of material for installation
  • Ensuring minimum inventory for installation

Off-Net Partner Management Service

Abrainman Telecommunication Off-Net Partner Management service is derived from overall partner management framework and ensures effective off-net partner coordination with high importance. Net partners play a vital role in extending desired services to customer door step. This service focuses on ordering, follow up, fast tracking and coordination for completion.

Abrainman Telecommunication acts as a single point of contact and interacts with partners and other internal functions like assurance, engineering to ensure prompt and efficient delivery function. Abrainman Telecommunication also carries out periodic performance review and service improvement initiatives to augment accurate and faster delivery from off-net partners.

Service Assurance

While fulfillment aims for faster and accurate customer acquisition, service assurance makes sure that customers continue to enjoy seamless services. Maintaining good and trouble-free network is always top priority in any network operations. Service providers are now moving from network-centric to service-centric operations, thereby ensuring maximum customer experience.
Abrainman Telecommunication Service Assurance offering consists of a set of defined processes that are needed for resolution of fault and on-going activities for pro-active network monitoring and network performance management. By employing a tiered approach towards delivery of Service Assurance operations, Abrainman Telecommunication has multi domain expertise which aligns to eTOM aligned framework with focus on ‘First-Time-Resolution’ approach ensuring seamless handoffs with minimal risk. It also covers data centre operations and maintenance activities.

Customer Helpdesk (L1) Service
Abrainman Telecommunication Level 1 Helpdesk services acts as primary interface between customers and the Level 2 NOC, post service delivery. It takes care of: 

  • Technical interactions with the customer
  • Proactive monitoring of network alarms and network health
  • First level troubleshooting of the network problems (both proactive and reactive)
  • SLA management

Service Operations Center (SOC)

Abrainman Telecommunication offers Service Operations Center (SOC) services acts as technical interface between customer, L1 Helpdesk and L2 NOC by focusing on service related issues. It also proactively monitors service quality and resolves issues in coordination with L2 NOC.

Performance and SLA Management Service

Abrainman Telecommunication Performance and SLA Management service addresses network performance and ensures that it adheres to the service level metrics agreed with customers. This function keeps track of key service metrics such as Mean Time to Respond, Mean Time to Repair, Average Handling Time, Network Uptime, Average Speed to Answer, etc.

Network Operations Center (NOC) L1 / L2 / L3 Service

Abrainman Telecommunication Level 1 NOC provides the interface with customer and Network operation. It manages customer complaints and performs proactive network monitoring. Trouble ticket creation, customer issue validation, ticket triage, follow up till closure are some of the key activities performed at this level.

Abrainman Telecommunication Level 2 NOC takes care of the critical and serious network issues primarily registered or escalated by L1 NOC.

  • Performs troubleshooting and resolution
  • Deploys Escalation Management
  • Implements Root Cause Management
  • Communicates with site technicians and other NOCs

Abrainman Telecommunication Technical Assistance Centre (TAC) acts as a Level 3 NOC takes care of very complex and critical network related issues escalated by L2 NOCs. It can be related to the crucial backbone networks or cross functional networks like Transmission, IP, Core Network and Wireless. It requires high levels of experience and expertise in the telecom domain. L3 NOC ensures analysis of critical problems, execution of complex troubleshooting, communication with site technicians & other NOCs and problem tracking through resolution. TAC consists of highly skilled multi-domain, multi-vendor experts equipped with industry-recognized certifications.

Network Fault Management Service

Abrainman Telecommunication provides Network Fault Management through NOC function and takes care of all network related faults that get automatically registered in fault management system. Usually fault management process creates tickets based on the alarm observed during proactive network monitoring. The criticality of faults is assessed (based on customer service impact), categorized and treated according to customer specifications. This process also coordinates with cross functional team for workaround and permanent resolution of network faults.

Infrastructure Monitoring Service
Abrainman Telecommunication Infrastructure Monitoring service provides Incident management and monitoring services for providing managed server, managed load balancer, managed backup and managed security for network infrastructure. This team proactively monitors uptime and availability of infrastructure elements in customer’s network.

Network Operations

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