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Fierce competitive environment, maximizing customer experience, and delivering business intelligence to the top management are some of the key forces driving the industry today. To stay competitive, CSPs need an independent and objective review of network design, assess deployment vis-�-vis global standards.

Abrainman Telecommunication offers a unique experience in managing multi-vendor networks and experience of auditing global CSPs. With the experience of auditing networks and operations of global telcos, some of them with 18 million subscribers implementing LTE, Russian 4G operator, major service provider in South Africa, leading telecom service provider in Ireland and many more.

Abrainman Telecommunication provides a comprehensive Audit and Compliance service that touches every vertical of network and operations of a service provider. This service not only aims to identify gaps and non-adherences, but also recommends improvement plan and strategy, implementation roadmap, cost-benefit analysis, quick wins, certifications etc. Abrainman Telecommunication engages a specialized team of technology and process experts who follow a consultative approach to meet specific business and operational needs of a customer. Moreover, we extend our support for recommendation and implementation as a partner enabling the customer to cease maximum benefits.

The typical audit approach as depicted below:

The areas of Audit Services are:

Network Strategy Audit

  • Assessment and independent view of an organization�s network strategy, scalability and approach
  • Analysis of network architecture
  • Validation of network expansion strategies
  • Analysis of rolled-out network vis-�-vis RFP requirements / specifications
  • Assessment for implementation of new technology with the current available network design


Logical Network Audit

  • Assessment of network resiliency plans
  • Assessment of standard configuration against existing configurations
  • Identifying bottlenecks and unwanted configurations for clean-up
  • Capacity assessment leading to optimization of the network
  • Circuit record reconciliation and verifications


Performance Audit

  • Assessment to check obsolescence of operations (process / technology / practices)
  • Assessment of bottle necks that impact productivity
  • Assessment for optimization of operations to enhance productivity
  • Dashboard Assessment (based on defined network KPI)


Site & Infrastructure Audit

  • Assessment of passive network infrastructure like fibre, shelter, tower and related components.
  • Physical Site Surveys
  • Assessment of planned versus implemented physical site parameters on field
  • Assessment of active physical equipment’s (routers, switches, ports, etc.)
  • Assessment of space, power, aircon and related site infrastructure


Tools Audit

  • Assessment of current tools to check performance
  • Assessment of tools to check compliance with desired requirements and identify gaps
  • Inform vendor for tool upgrade. Testing and recommending alternate tools to meet requirement
  • Tools and workflow mapping
  • Assessment of OSS/BSS tools and systems including inventory, provisioning, configuration, workforce management, order management, trouble ticket tools and systems


Network Security Audit

  • Assessment of technology vulnerabilities
  • Network and data security, privacy and compliance audit
  • Device management and security
  • Application management and security
  • Penetration testing
  • Intrusion detection and prevention


Process Audit

  • Assessment of standard operating procedures and method of operation using tnom3 model
  • Assessment of service and work order execution process
  • Assessment of existing process design and modelling
  • Process flow analysis � dependencies and hand-off process
  • Process performance measurement
  • Skillset alignment and mapping to roles and responsibilities
  • Certification and compliance audit

Network Audit & Consulting

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