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Managing field operations efficiently and strategically is critical to maintain successful network and customer service operations at optimum cost.

Through its own field team and partners across various geographies, Abrainman Telecommunication ensures the best of expertise and local knowledge are leveraged. However, from a customer point of view, Abrainman Telecommunication acts as a single point of contact for managing deliverables as per desired service levels. We offer operational synergies, wherever possible, to bring in a cost effective solution without compromising on service quality.

Key Service Offerings

Field Services

  • Proactive and reactive maintenance of 2G, 3G, LTE, transmission, IP data, voice network element and radio
  • On-field site survey, feasibility
  • On-site support for unplanned and planned outages
  • CPE installation, customer activation and service demonstration
  • Attending customer reported faults, troubleshooting and resolution
  • On-site support for field testing and vendor support
  • On field support for system software upgrade, patch upgrade and reload wherever remote access failed
  • Antenna realignment and regular health checks
  • Site inventory and asset management; maintenance of documentation and records
  • Spare parts management, repair and replacement management, periodic audits and proactive trigger for procurement
  • Managing field dispatch desk, field technician logistics and adherence to specified health and safety standards
  • Support for network expansion activities, migration, commissioning and decommissioning of nodes at sites

Fibre Optic Maintenance

Although Fibre optic maintenance is a part of an overall field service, it is often managed as a separate operation considering the importance, complexity, skill set and diversity of fibre network in most of the Service Provider’s network. 

Abrainman Telecommunication leverages its proven rich knowledge and standard processes in managing Fibre Operations and Maintenance operation. The key drivers of managing a fibre network are optimized utilization of available Fibre routes and maintenance of good fibre health.

Passive maintenance / Infra / Facility Management

Abrainman Telecommunication provides a comprehensive suite of services that cover all passive components. Enabled by our partnering capability across geographies, we provide a desired level of services where we do not have direct access to a field team. This model leverages the local knowledge and proven expertise with ‘day one readiness’.

Design Optimisation

Abrainman Telecommunication understands that design optimisation has to equally focus on Access Network, Core Network and Drive Tests.

Access Network 

  • Undertake complete scope of Radio Access Network Elements, RF Chain and subsystem Macro, Micro, PICO and IBSs (both traditional and innovative approaches like Femtos), repeater and other coverage, quality and capacity solutions
  • Cover complete backhaul transmission planning including cross domain (Fibre-DWDM-IP MPLS) access network Fibre planning & cell site equipment covering microwaves, access DWDM, routers, switches etc.
  • Redundancy planning of key nodes
  • Disaster recovery planning for networks and operations
  • Planning capacity in alignment with trend analysis, forecasts of future traffic growth and existing expansion plans
  • Maintain an optimal utilization of existing network resources while retaining network quality
  • Coordinate with drive test team in deciding areas of drive test performance and receiving prediction/ drive test plots from drive test team highlighting coverage holes

Access Microwave 

  • Feasibility of LOS using GIS tools
  • Nominal transmission planning
  • BoQ dimensioning for ordering
  • Microwave link budget planning and interference calculations using microwave planning tools
  • Network re-engineering with optimization of rings for increasing capacity or with new addition of Fibre nodes
  • Capacity dimensioning, planning and utilization analysis
  • Network and capacity upgradation
  • Integration plan with access transmission backhaul – port mapping, service mapping & interface plans covering cell site transmission equipment (routers, switches, access DWDM)

Access Backhaul 

  • Creation of test procedures for network and service acceptance with equipment vendor
  • Complete HLD and LLD for network to support rollout of all services including supporting infrastructure like DCN network/Sync in line with Vodafone service/node design guidelines
  • DCN planning
  • New feature planning like QoS/Adaptive modulation/upgradation to higher modulations etc.
  • Ring planning for protection across microwave and backhaul transmission
  • New Fibre node insertion linked microwave re-planning
  • Synchronization planning
  • New microwave frequency spectrum requirement analysis

Core Network 

  • Dimensioning: Estimate the number of nodes required to fulfil the service, traffic and capacity requirements
  • Initial design: Determine the initial architecture and configurations that meet network requirements
  • Detailed design: Finalize network design with selected nodes and configurations
  • Solution Implementation support: Coordinate with implementation / operations team in order to verify the implementation and configuration and identify solutions to any possible interworking issues with other sub-systems
  • Undertake complete assessment of existing network & solutions for voice core & packet network elements and subsystems as mentioned above.
  • Solution, service design & product consulting to arrive at the best-fit, efficient, least cost and optimal product / solution introduction in the network, compliant with the Telecom and Vodafone specific standards / specifications
  • Planning capacity in alignment with trend analysis, forecasts of future traffic growth and existing expansion plans
  • All aspects of the services (e.g. access, transmission, core, radio network etc.) are considered to achieve an optimal capacity expansion
  • Maintain an optimal utilization of existing network resources while retaining network quality
  • Coordinate with 3rd party implementation team / field operations to ensure that the plan is deployed as per agreed design / solution and timelines and to verify the same.
  • Conduct new product hardware / software / feature trials

Drive Test 

  • Drive testing of customer networks as per the defined scope and methodology
  • Competitive network benchmarking ofcustomer with three other operators as per defined periodicity, scope and methodology
  • CW drive test and model tuning for different morphologies
  • Drive test software version to be at N-1 of the current latest available commercial release from drive test equipment vendor
  • Managed Services Partner will clearly outline the details of the tools that will be used in the service with make type, HW / SW version, handset type, handheld test devices with software and scanner model names
  • Drive test equipment (including handsets) to be upgraded regularly to ensure measurements are done with latest devices that capture customer’s experience of the network.
  • Online repository of all collected drive test data to be maintained in a structured and pre agreed manner. Drive log files and reports to be maintained for a period of 36 months

Field Operations

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